Healthy snacks to keep in your desk at work

Because a work day cannot go by without munching on some delicious snacks, we always have a stash of the goodies in our drawer or we bring them from home.  Now, keeping in mind that what you eat not only keeps your health and your weight but also affects your productivity, we have created a short list of some healthy snacks you can bring in.  They are both healthy and delicious.


Well, who does not love popcorn?  This is actually considered the healthiest snack of them all. It is good source of dietary fiber, and is especially low-fat. Its crunch and saltiness will always leave you wanting more. You can keep it in sealed bags for a couple of days without it becoming stale.


These are considered the healthiest nut and the nut with the greatest protein content. It is a great source of monounsaturated fat which helps increase HDL (the good one). It is also rich in vitamin E.  Since it is a dry seed, it is pretty convenient to keep inside your desk.  Just make sure it is sealed or wrapped up in such a way that no air enters the bag.


The great thing about pretzels is that they are low in fat and rich in carbs.  This means that taking a good dose of these munchies will help you last until the next big meal. Just do not eat them in excess since metabolizing carbs usually makes you feel drowsy.

Protein bars

The word itself says it all.  These are great source of proteins, only if that was the only thing they contain.  Since they are made in different flavors, they might contain high amounts of sugar. Make sure you pick those that do not provide too many calories.

Dried fruit

These can be preserved for many days with no problem. They are a great option to fresh fruit. They contain potassium and fiber and they are delicious. 


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