Four myths about organic food

The term organic refers to the method in which agricultural products are grown naturally and how they are processed. Certain criteria have to be met and maintained in order for the products to be certified as “Organic”.


Crops must be grown in uncontaminated soil and the farmers or growers are not allowed to use pesticides, bioengineered genes (GMOs), or petroleum-based fertilizers. Farm animals are not to be given antibiotics or growth hormones. The following are some myths about organic food.


  1. Organic food is not healthier:

People often assume that organic food is neither healthy nor nutritious. There has always been a debate between the researchers regarding organic food. Some researchers say that organic food is more nutritious but some researchers disagree. The fact is organic food contains less or no pesticides or herbicides which are poisons to kill the weeds, bugs, and other animals that destroy plants.


2. Organic food is expensive:

Organic foods can be more expensive, but because supermarkets buy in bulk, the costs are reduced to buyers.


3. Organic food is not eco-friendly:

Organic food is more eco-friendly than ordinary food. Environmental benefits are -

  • Less pollution caused to the environment
  • Reduced use of pesticides and chemicals.
  • Maintaining fresh and safe soil, air and water


4. Organic food just for market promotion:

Recent research or polls indicate organic food is created to make people spend more money by emphasizing various market promotions or hype. The organic food grown within certain standards helps to maintain food and product safety. They are certified by the “USDA” in the U.S.





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